Day 172 The arrogant harlot proclaims “I sit as Queen!”

One reason the sins of the great harlot, Vatican City, are not under the blood of the Lamb is that she dares to claim, “I sit a Queen!” And, “I will never see sorrow!” This is the same confession as Lucifer who claimed he could be god better than Creator G-D, the ONE. 

The arrogant Harlot, the whore Church, attempts to steal the rightful place of Lilith as the female aspect of The Lord G-D. It never happened. It will not happen. There is no chance. Those who think they are serving the “queen of heaven” are deceived. Every day of the week somewhere pastors teach the church is the “bride of Christ” and the Church will not see sorrow. The Church even claims she is not a widow or divorcee. WOW! Talk about identity theft!

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