Day 171 In the beginning G0D! We were all members of the original entity, The ONE

In the beginning….. G-D! We were all members of the original entity, The ONE, before the first manifestation of creation from thought through voice by Word. In the beginning Creator G-D encompassed each of us. We are all included in the fabric of the Original LIFE. The mission on earth for Jesus of Nazareth is basically treasure hunting. He has the duty of recovering even the tiniest particle of the Original LIFE essence. He has passed that job down to us. 

One of the more popular reality shows on Netflix is an Aussie God Rush program where people hunt and find even the tiniest specks of gold to sell. Even the tiniest speck of gold is added to the weight of the find for the day. Nothing is left behind. Jesus is like that miner digging for the last particle of the Original matter of LIFE. Not one particle of LIFE can remain here in the first creation. Very soon time will end. The second creation will vanish like it never happened. Not even the memory of any part of time remains. The second creation boxed up in time with the duplications of Lucifer and adamah are all burned up in the fires, purged. I know it is a hard saying. Truth almost always is hard. The current sons of Lucifer are created for destruction to be used as kindling for the fires, without remedy.

They are given no quarter.

No mercy.

No exceptions.

Jesus restores the stars that were swept out of the Heavens by the tail of the serpent as it fell. Jesus restores the souls the Serpent held captive here on earth. Any and all aspects of the serpent are duplications of a Son of the Lord G-D. The copies are purged in the fires. They are not under the canopy of the blood of the Lamb of The Lord G-D. Their judgment of separation or their “sin” is not forgiven. 

They are the curse. 


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