Day 170 Easy Direct instructions how to make it to the New Creation

 The way to the new creation is written for us in the Revelation record. There is no mystery about what we need to do now. We just have to read the instructions Jesus left for us and do them.

Revelation 18:4 says:

         “Then I heard another voice out of Heaven say:

                   MY PEOPLE COME OUT OF HER!

                   MY PEOPLE COME OUT OF HER!

                   MY PEOPLE COME OUT OF HER!

                    MY PEOPLE COME OUT OF HER!

Come out of the whore Church so that you will not share in her whoring and her punishment. Come out of her so that you will not be infected by her plagues, for her sins are a stinky mess piled up to Heaven. The Lord G-D has remembered her crimes. 

Jesus did not die to save the whore church. Jesus of Nazareth came to earth through the birth canal of a female-person to save the LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL.  The blood of Jesus does NOT COVER THE GREAT WHORE, VATICAN CITY, THE CHURCH. The blood of Jesus is not a get out of jail free pass.

Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. This scripture is repeated over and over in some denominations almost by rote as a chant. But what exactly does it mean? What is “the lost” aspect that Jesus is seeking and wants to save?

To begin with, for something to have been lost, it had to be there in the first place. Therefore, this scripture is referring to aspects and particles of the first creation that were captured by Lucifer in the fall from Heaven or deceived into following Lucifer in the rebellion. But why is that so important? Why doesn’t The Lord G-D just make new ones?

The answer is each and every particle of energy was an actual piece of the ONE. A crude illustration might be our human body missing a toe or a finger nail or an eye or a kidney or a bicep. Each and ever one of us is an actual member of the Original Being, The ONE.               


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