Day 169 Details of the Fall and the Spirit of Prophecy

Adonai Elohim is a jealous G-D and will not share us. We come out of Him and are part of Him. We are going back into  Him. We are His. We are one.

When Lucifer rebelled against The Lord G-D and attempted to set himself up as god, there was war in Heaven. The Lord G-D cast Lucifer out of the courts of Heaven. Lucifer cascaded through the expanse of the sky and landed on earth. Almost immediately he went into the first adam to convince him to serve him. He told man-person/adam the female-person the ish was not the only female-person that was good for mating. He convinced the woman that G-D did not know what he was talking about and the fruit of the two trees in the midst of the garden were good food. 

See how cleverly the serpent planted in the minds of persons that it was not just ok but very desirable to serve more than one master. The first step was to convince them that G-D did not know how what he was talking about. Satan asked, “Did G-D really say?” As he was able to trick persons into questioning G-D doubt was born. Doubting G-D is the foundation of all sin.

Adam listened to the lies of the devil. He did eat of the tree in the midst of the garden. He did mate with other female-persons. Polygamy was then transferred from Lucifer onto male-person/adam. G-D took Lilith out of the Garden to separate her from persons. In other words, G-D separated LIGHT from darkness.

G-D threw Lucifer out of the LIGHT of His presence into darkness. Then when adam made the choice to serve the serpent and acted on that choice by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, adam also fell into darkness and adam became void. G-D then separated Lilith, still the LIGHT being she always had been, from male-person/adam who is now void dwelling in Satan’s darkness called knowledge.

Jesus of Nazareth said the true Sons of G-D hear my voice and they know me. These are the ones called according to HIS purpose and are saved. The testimony of Jesus of Nazareth was written down by John the Emissary and recorded in our canonized Bible in the Book of Revelation. That is why adding or taking away from the Revelation record holds the penalty of the second death.

The testimony of Jesus of Nazareth is the Spirit of Prophecy.  

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