Day 168 List of reasons why Jesus had to die on the cross

First, The Lord G-D is wooing us back to Him through the LOVE of the Christ. Provision to enter into HIS presence came through the blood of the Lord G-Ds own son, the sacrificial lamb.

Another reason for Jesus to endure to the death on the cross was to allow the serpent to believe he had won, declare victory, and let his guard down. While Ha Satan is reveling in his apparent victory over The Lord G-D and the earthly kingdom, Jesus marches right into Satan’s own court in hell. Because he is diving, Jesus defeats the first death, sin/separation, hell and the grave with the LIFE and LIGHT within him.

Another reason for Jesus to endure to the death on the cross is vindication for Lilith. Jesus is the “kinsman redeemer”. Lilith was shamed by the disobedience of the first adam that brought polytheism and polygamy into creation. Jesus paid the price to restore Lilith’s honor.

Still another reason is when Jesus died on the cross he died in the place of all of the sons of rebellion and of adamah who caused the offense and shame to Lilith. Therefore, the crime is paid for. All the criminals have been punished. There is no way to ever make any of the criminals Jesus took the punishment for in his death go back to court and he pay again. This would crucify Jesus over and over and over and over……. Which by the way is what ever Catholic Church service does when they have “the Lord’s Supper” and believe that the bread actually becomes the flesh of Jesus and the wine actually becomes the real live earth blood of Jesus of Nazareth. They hang Jesus on the cross to die again and again and again symbolically crucifying Jesus of Nazareth millions of times a day. 

Jesus declared, “It is finished!”

Jesus last words before he released his Spirit to The Lord G-D as he died on the cross were “It is finished!” When the only begotten Son of the Lord G-D declares the end of something you know it is the truth. 

For those of you who have been “churched” you should recognize the truth written here. Sunday school books say Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. He is the savior of us all. That is what I just said here. The idea and explanation of original sin may be new to you. 


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