Day 167 Jesus Provisions for His Wife and His Mission on Earth

It was a law for the Jews living at the time of the second temple in Jerusalem that they had to be married by the age of 12 or their bar mitzvah. A boy becomes a man at his bar mitzvah. There was a match maker not unlike the one in Fiddler on the Roof that would have made a marriage for Jesus. The record of the Ketubah, a paper Jewish marriage covenant, for Jesus, the Christ of G-D. The record of the Ketubah, a Jewish marriage covenant, between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala was recorded in the temple at the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We have them today. 

Jesus did not leave Mary Magdalene or his daughter without provision. Jesus commissioned James and Andrew, the sons of Zebedee, to take care of Mary his wife before he ascended. Before Jesus left earth to take his seat net to The Lord G-D on His throne, Mary was endowed with the keys of the kingdom. Jesus passed the prophets mantle on to Mary Magdalene much like Elisha passed his prophets mantle on to Elijah. This type of succession from one prophet to another was very well understood. We are given a full description of this event when Elijah passed on his mantle to Elisha. Women were known to hold the office of prophetess by the believers both Jew and Gentile from before the time of ascension until Constantine was successful in splitting up the Earthbound Kingdom.

Jesus said, “IF I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” In the Roman death by crucifixion the one being killed was raised several feet off the ground. Jesus was in fact “lifted up”. You can bet Jesus is keeping his promise to draw all men back to the Father. It is necessary to draw the  True Sons back to the Father because of the separation caused when Lucifer became sin. When Lucifer rebelled he was cut off and cast out. He created a breach between the ONE and Creation. Provision to enter into the Presence of the ONE, the Lord G-d came through the blood of The Lord G-D’s own son, the sacrificial lamb, Jesus of Nazareth. 

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