Day 175 The Church according to Revelation 18:1

The great whore, Babylon the Great, is the Church as set up by Constantine in the third century. She is the companion of the red dragon, the devil. The whore church is described in Revelation 18:1 as having become the home for demons and every unclean spirit and hated bird (familiar spirits). It says all the kings of all the nations went whoring with Babylon the great, the great whore, Rome, The Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican, church.

The Catholic Church and the reformations of that organized religion and the Protestants to that organization are everywhere. In some places on earth the religious leaders have taken over the political leadership of the land. The religious organization created by Constantine and called “church” is the first beast. 

It is the “merchants” of this whore Church that are spoken of in Revelation. The merchants of the great whore are better at selling their wares than any other on earth at any time. This is a reference to the proliferation of the con of Church and adamah doctrine throughout the world. Church is the biggest con game in all of human history. Many people who follow the Bible and Biblical prophecy have mistaken “merchants” in the book of Revelation to be CAPITALISTS OR CAPITALISM. THIS IS NOT SO. The merchants John the emissary saw in his visions while imprisoned on the aisle of Patmos are the preachers who stand on every street corner pedaling the lies of organized religion. This is the hated merchant in Revelation pedaling “his wares” ore even “her wares” on every street corner. 

Capitalism and those industrialists who created all the comforts and wealth and luxury we enjoy in the United States of America are the true CREATORS on earth. They are the engine, the driving force of prosperity abundance Light and LIFE with joy unspeakable and full of glory. This is made possible by the entrepreneurs and the inventors among us. They are the creator class among us. They are the motor of the world.  

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