Day 55 The Parable of the Shoe Box

Time can be simple in my life now here on earth even in these last days. It is hard because so much of our language is steeped in “time”. Things like see ya later. We actually carry time on our wrist. We meter all music in time. We count the days. TV is set by time. Computers have time stamps. Time permeates everything in our daily lives. 

Time is the ancient boundary Creator G-D set around the rebellion.  Time is the prison The Lord G-D made for Satan and his worshippers. The so called reality we live every day is an illusion. I will share a story from my childhood that may facilitate understanding time.

When I was a little girl one of my Aunts made a toy out of a shoe box for me to play with. They were often called shadow boxes. She cut a hole out of the ends of the box making a window to see what was inside. In that shoe box she put a miniature house and a street and street lights, miniature trees in the front yard of the miniature house and tiny little people for me to play with. It had a tree swing. I could walk the tiny dolls she made down the street or swing them in the tree swing. We called them shadow boxes because you looked at the scene in the box through the hole in the end like a view finder. They were a lot of fun.

The shadow boxes illustrates how we who live in time look to G-D. Time is the box. We are those people in that shadow box the size and pretty much the dimensions of a shoe box living out our daily lives. Like the shoe box in our illustration, time that is holding all the universes of the second creation, is sitting on a table in a corner of the throne room in the New Heaven. 

To see how we function in time in that shoe box and how time works it might help to make a visual picture in your mind of your house being the size that would fit a shoe box. Or even better, if you have a piece of paper draw a box on the paper and put some people and scenery in the box. It can be two dimensional for those of us who are not artists. Or better yet! Get a shoe box that came with a pair of shoes you bought cut a hole in the end and make a shadow box for yourself. Share it with a child you know. Start with the hole in the end of the shoebox so you ca see what is happening inside. You can put in a miniature village or your own home or a school or anything you want to. It all works for this illustration.

Visualize the miniature village in the shoebox as you look at it through the hole cut in the end. This is a great way to understand  how G-d is in His Holy Heaven sitting with the “watchers” and “the holy ones” and the Cherubim, Seraphim, and the entire heavenly host watching us here in “time” as we go through our every day lives. It is like looking into a view finder. 

Time is no bigger or important than the size of a shoe box.


Creator G-D can hold time in the palm of His hand and so can you.

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  1. There is much to be said about the 3 creations. I will say more as we walk together day by day on our way home.

    There are at least two different types of creation because Creator G-D displayed two different ways HE could create. The first six days of the first creation Creator G-D created from thought through voice manifest by the The Word of G-D. The second way Creator G-D demonstrated creating is by Creator G-D breathing the breath of LIFE into a clay form He molded out of the dust left over from the destruction of the first creation. That created on the 6th day of the first creation is Humankind and is immortal. That which carries the breath of life is adamah/dust and is mortal and can cease to be. This is the second death. Unless one who is adamah (and that is all of us born through the canal of woman) is born again into new LIFE through the blood of the Lamb of Creator G-D they will have never existed. Only the original being THE ONE can create anything. No other being can create anything. Every other being but the ONE ORIGINAL BEING is themselves a created being. Created beings cannot “create”. Created beings reproduce after like kind. Reproducing is not creating.

    Remember these events are not in time. Humankind and Adamah are two very different aspects of the ONE ORIGNIAL BEING. Creator G-D holds the title to the second creation. Satan does not own the second creation and has no claim on any of us. Do not worry about that. Creator G-D now ascends to The Lord G-D because of the rebellion of Lucifer that caused the wars and destroyed the first creation. How different the first creation was from our reality here in the second creation. For one thing, The first creation never experienced time. The third creation is what we are striving for. The third creation is purged of any particle of rebellion, even down to its memory. In the third creation the rebellion never existed. It never happened. The New Heaven and New Earth Jesus of Nazareth told us about is perfection.

    This is a very broad subject. Did you have a specific question? Is there something you were wondering about?

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