Day 56 Tree of knowledge of good and evil chopped down

I say again, Time is the size of a shoe box sitting on a small table in the corner of the throne room in the new (third) creation. All you see. All you call the universe or universes is inside the shoe box. 

Time is an aspect of the second creation just like you and me and the trees. The second creation is a finite enclosed box with distinct boundaries. Inside the boundary the size of a shadowbox is the earth and universe and all the galaxies and the stars and the firmament. 


The entirety of that great expanse so big that human beings with all our advanced science are not even able to measure it actually is relatively the size of a shoe box. Our G-D is able to hold all of what is our daily experience and all of our history and the expanses of the universe in  the palm of his hand, and so can you. Creator called it time. 

How big is our G-D?

We are now living “the last days” spoken of by the ancients, the prophets in Israel, and the messages seen in the pictures engraved in stone around the world. Newspaper headlines are filled with the events of the final thrust, the final military offensive of Ha Satan on G-D’s creation through his power base on earth, “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”.

The shofar has sounded. The commandment has gone forth. COME OUT OF HER! The great harvest of earth has begun. The ax has been laid to the root of the tree. Hear me now. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was chopped down to the ground on the second Sunday in April 2020.  I saw it laying on its side on the ground. Eve the stump has been extracted from the garden of Eden. Satan’s power base is gone. Knowledge has ceased. All memory of the rebellion is gone like it never existed. 

The end is happening now. Do not be deceived into thinking these events are for a time far off. It is now, the day you read this. It has been happening this morning when you woke up. It will be in progress when you go to sleep.

Time is over.


2 throughts on "Day 56 Tree of knowledge of good and evil chopped down"

  1. In Science, Time is an absolute, yet, you state that “Time is over”. How can you state this? How do you know, especially since time is a essential part of the universe. Time is like fabric. It binds the universe together.

    Something for you to consider. Explain this idea.

    1. This blog is not the Science you speak of, Daniel. The better parts of Science today is admitting many of the truths spoken of in the Bible. Time is experienced by those of us on planet earth much like you say. I might mention that for a while science said there were no absolutes. So how we see and understand things do change. You are right. Time is an essential part of the universe. The Universe is not G-D. The “universe” and all the “universes” are simply created by the Original Being the One just like man and trees and animals and stars and rivers and …… Time is over because the Lord G-D has declared it. As I explained in another Day in the blog Time is a tool Creator G-D set up as a boundary to shut in the rebellion so it could not go on forever. This creation we are now part of is the sorting ground where every dot and tittle of the rebellion will be removed so the new creation is restored to previous perfection before Lucifer rebelled. I hope that is clear. In the beginning G-D. Genesis 1:1 G-D created. Then the six “days” and the seventh “day” Creator rested from the labors of creation. there was no time for any of these events. no measuring like time. everything was immortal and without end. The rebellion. The war. And then Genesis 1:2 The earth was without form and void. The first creation was destroyed in the war. Creator G-D set about doing it all over in Genesis chapter 2. Adamah/man was molded out of the dust/like volcanic ash left over from the first creation. This was accomplished so that not one particle of the Original Being The ONE would be lost. It is only the duplications of Lucifer that are purged out. This is the second death. The final purging is the second death. The time for the sky to roll back like a scroll and Jesus to ride up on his white horse is now. When the sky rolls back like a scroll all of us here who see through a glass darkly will see in truth and completeness. It is all there. The Lord G-D sitting on his throne. The sea of glass. Everything.

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