Day 96 Eyewitness to Indoctrination

I learned about the 9/11 attacks at a church. I had other experiences with that church. I told the FBI about them too. Another person in the choir invited me to a meeting I was told would be for the American Veterans Administration Association. It turned out to be a party indoctrination meeting. I was surprised to see the woman I counted as a friend and who invited me to come was the leader. There were a few hundred who filed into the meeting room. The one I counted as my friend stood on the stage in front of them.  She told a story about a person who was “bad”. No one in the room knew the person but they were all going to be the enemy of that person. My friend would say a sentence and the group repeated it back word for word over and over until they all got it right. This started a rumor campaign. The faithful in the room were going to say this person none of them knew was immoral, used drugs and was mentally ill. Then my friend gave them sentences to cover each of those lies and they repeated them over and over until all spoke with one voice. Then they cheered and shouted and worked it up. These are American, your neighbors. They are the ones sitting next to you in the pew at your church, your pastors. That night President Bush made his speech about “the enemy within” he coined the phrase “American Al Qaeda”.  These are the ones he was talking about. I saw them in action first hand.

I rode home in the car with my supposed friend after that indoctrination meeting but I was scared for my life. I was not who they thought I was and I really did  not want them to find out until I got out of that car. Being a patriot would not be in my favor with that group. They have a different definition for patriot. My friend pushed the issue. I told her the truth and had the balls to stand up to her. She was very angry saying I had led her on. I have no idea where she got that. I had no idea she and I had ever talked about political agenda. I had talked to her about the church we attended her being a member there much longer than I and about the choir and the Veterans Administration. I had talked to her about some veterans I knew were living in the streets of the town. She said she was the local government liaison for the Administration. We struck up a conversation about their situation. That is all. 

Author’s note: It just occurred to me that I had contacted the Veterans Administration in Washington DC to report the soldiers living in the streets of that town and that their monthly checks were being stolen. I wonder if that is why this woman came to me in choir at church. It could be the Washington DC Veterans Administration contacted her to find out why our soldiers were walking around with checks over 2,000 living in the streets and having those checks stolen from their hands. The veteran I met walked up to me. Handed me the check for over 2,000 and asked me if I could help him with it. He was a Vietnam Veteran suffering from PSTD and delusional. I did what I knew to do to get him some help. I was US Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC. I called Washington DC Veterans Administration. I was not opposing the woman who came to choir. I did not know her but she apparently retaliated with an army of zombies she had access to.

For a very long time I felt sorry for that woman they targeted. She was a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a leader in her church. The defamation campaign they waged against her destroyed her life. Her husband divorced her, she lost her children, and could not teach any more. 

Then it hit me. That woman was me. 

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