Day 95 Reflections on 9/11

We are for sure in the last days of this second creation. I have wondered about my role in 9/11. Why was I in place to stop the events on 9/11? Was I serving Creator G-D? Or ….was I somehow used by the devil to change the times and the seasons, move the ancient boundaries set by Creator  G-D? What I know is I was a simple person doing a simple j o b faced with what I considered significant information about the security of the United States of America who considered herself a patriot and told the proper authorities about what I had learned.

I was protecting my president.  

In that first 24 hours after the attacks on the trade towers on 9/11 President Bush said the attacks had been orchestrated and carried out by what he called “the American Al Qaeda” He was broadcasting live to the nation from his bunker in Nebraska. The troops that were going to take over the air force base in the town where I had an office in the Midwest had been trained in Arkansas as had the pilots who flew the planes.  I do not believe the group in the middle east being accused and vilified in the press are responsible for the attacks in the United States on 9/11. I do not think they were sophisticated enough to pull it off. The 9/11 attacks are most likely rooted in our own people. It was us, guys. “Church” is involved and maybe even the instigator and driving force behind it.

In my capacity for UHCC, I bumped into some extremist right wing groups that believe the US economy had to fall for Jesus to come. I also found out that the KKK had been confined to a large city block of the same town in my district where AirForce One was supposed to land and be re-outfitted on 9/11. Both groups had threatened my life. After 9/11 the threats became more serious and were carried out. Once after 9/11 they cut my brake line. On another occasion, they cut the steering cable in the steering column of my car. I have a written testimony from the mechanic who fixed the steering mechanism saying it was sabotage and not normal wear. I contacted USCC both times as is the proper procedure in these cases. I made the proper police reports and I stopped by the local FBI. I knew the FBI in KC. They had given me some cell phone numbers I could call if I got into some serious trouble. I had not worked with that more rural branch as much. 

US Secret Service wanted to know what I knew about some of the groups like KKK in the area. I gave them names and times and dates and places. I am the woman in the center of the country the news commentators talked about that had alerted the FBI about 9/11 before the event happened. At that time the FBI did not have a central reporting function so that all the offices across the country could compare information.  There were three people in different locations reporting to their local FBI offices concerning an attack on our own soil. Each of the three FBI offices ignored our warnings.  We were not considered creditable sources. They discounted what we had to say until the day it happened. Then the US Secret Service took over and they called me. My phone conversation with the Secret Service agent on 9/11 was brief and to the point. 

The Kansas City Missouri FBI contacted me to have a conversation after the event and we met together in my home. 



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