Day 94 911 The aftermath

As I understand it now, almost 20 years later, 9/11 was supposed to be impetus to start the New World Order. New World Order is the name for the antichrist system found in the book of Revelation. The currency had already  been printed. The world governments had  been divided into new mega countries that mirrored the continents. The entire globe had been zoned like civil engineers zone a block or a city or a county. One mega country was to be Americana. The United States would have ceased to be. We would have been swallowed up on “Americana’ and the fight was on as to whether English or Spanish would be the official language. 

Besides zoning the boundaries of each mega country, each different mega country was zoned to a separate and distinct aspect of a society such as manufacturing food production, engineering, or the arts. The part of society assigned your location determined your status in the order your status in the order determined your level of access to education, the arts, reading, food and housing, medical care. There were designations for manufacturing, farming, technology, education, and learning, or menial labor and poverty. The location where  you were born would determine your life and the quality of that life. This would all have been controlled by one person. I would suspect it is the foundational structure for the antichrist. 

We are for sure in the last days of this creation. I have wondered about my role in this event. Why was I in a place to stop the events on 9/11. Was I serving creator G-D or arrogantly running amuck? Has the end of the age been delayed? Did I do the right thing? What I know is that I was a simple person in a simple j o b faced with what I considered significant information about the security of the United States who considered herself a patriot and told the proper authorities what I had learned. I was protecting my president. 

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