Day 135 The number of the name is 666

The number of the computer and its name is 666

The computer called the beast began recording each and every financial transaction and recording them numerically. There are three numbers at the beginning of each financial transaction recorded. The numerical system began with 111. When all the numbers that could begin with 111 were distributed, the beast rolled over the numerical banking system to 222 and each transaction was catalogued with a number beginning with 222. This continued over the years. After all the numbers that could begin with 222 was given to a financial transaction the the beast rolled over to 333, and then 444, then 555 and finally the time of 666 the Apostle John warned us about. This suggests there is a change coming. The first beast whose number was 666 has been accomplished. I understand it is no longer functional. The second beast is now appearing. 

The second beast is the global banking system. Instituted by second beast in service to the red dragon, the devil, is “the new world order”. Metaphorically at the changing of the guard, the red dragon called the first beast, “the whore Church” to the sea of glass. Then the red dragon summonsed the second beast “the new world order” to come up out of the sea of glass. The first beast relinquished all power and authority and resources to the second east. The first beast then descended into the lake of fire for the second death. 

The new world order is alive and functioning right now. The second beast, the new world order, has their own computers. The new world order global banking system is up and functioning today. 

Author’s note: I just now happened to do a google search with “the computer called the beast” and was surprised to see what was listed there in a blog and on Wikipedia. According to this blog “the beast” is a myth. It does not exist. Supposedly, it was part of a fictional story written in 1970. The machine I am talking about comes from the machines made by the inventor of the computers we use today. There is a documentary on Netflix about this person. He was a Jew. I believe. He went through a great deal of personal trauma to continue with his invention. He was persecuted and most of his family left him. I find it interesting that the rewriting of history I warned you about that worked to say the holocaust never happened may be at work now to erase the beast computer and further defame Christian belief in the Bible. The millennials will for sure be believing the Wikipedia version since it is on the screen on their computer. 

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