Day 136 Head and Hand-the chip

The computer called the beast has been around since before I was born. My parents were ranting and raving about this computer when I was a child sitting on the floor. All bank cards or credit cards than have ever been issued have for many decades come from this computer or are authorized by this computer. Heartland or any of the other credit or debit card distributors are just distribution centers for the global banking cartels. Every banking transaction on planet earth is recorded and watched by one central banking computer known as the beast. No banking transactions happened unless and until authorized by the beast. 

The precedent is already set for the chips in the head and hand monetary system for doing business or buying goods. The Bible describes a time when no one can work or buy food or have a place to live if they do not have the “mark of the beast”.  There is much speculation about what the “mark” of the beast is exactly. One that is presenting itself and is already functioning is a microchip implanted in the head or the hand of an individual for recording their movements, financial and otherwise. The system of global banking outlined for us in Bible prophecy has already been tested. 

For Example:

As I was growing up television news ran stories about children being kidnapped. In some places they even reported local police suspected child slavery rings were taking the children and selling them. Parents were strongly suggested to go to a school, a library, a police station or a fire station to register their child and have a chip placed under the skin on the back of the hand. Parents were told if something happened to their child the police could track their child from the chip and rescue them. It was painless. The chip is so small it can be inserted with a needle like getting a shot. Parents were driven into panic by the thought their child could be kidnapped. Many thousands walked into the “indoctrination centers” and got the computer chip injected into the forehead or the hand of their beloved child. The chips work. We are living in the antichrist system. The antichrist system is fully functional right now. You are in the antichrist system. They have you catalogued and recorded. 

This is real.

This is now. Right now.

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