Day 137 The Evidence

In an earlier day on this blog I described an event that happened to me personally at a business seminar. The keynote speaker and I bumped into each other literally in the aisle of the auditorium. He sent for me and I said call me. He never did but he chased me across the continent and even into Canada. This global merchant who stalked me made his fortune in Germany but went to England first. The pound sterling was struggling at the time so he left England for Germany to lay the foundation for his fortune. Later he returned to England. He met George Soros while in Germany and England.  Some of the more publicized money scams popular in the 1990s we were told originated in Nigeria were really owned and operated out of England. I know this for a fact from personal experience. I was one caught in the scam. It was accomplished through Barclays Bank in England.

My mom died in 2007. I went home for her last few months alive on earth.  One day I got an email from MICROSOFT telling me I had won money in a lottery they sponsored for patrons of Microsoft Windows. I believed them. According to the message that looked like it came from MICROSOFT my email address had been chosen because of my internet usage in Microsoft Windows. It was reported as a perk from Microsoft to their customers. I was given a contact to call to claim my prize. 

It is important to say here that Microsoft is the brain child of Bill Gates the creator of the World Wide Web. The WWW is most probably how the dead comes back to life and talks through “and image” to the whole world at one time. The World Wide Web is for sure the technology that makes the head and hand merchandizing requirement reality.

When the fake Microsoft Lottery contacted me, I ended up talking to a guy who sent me credentials saying he was a bank officer in a specific section of Barclay’s Bank in England that handles this lottery for Microsoft. It took me 5 or 6 months and a great deal of money to figure out this was a scam. I was so sure of myself I just could not be one caught in that thing being reported on TV. Microsoft had always been a reputable company. I had no reason to doubt or suspect fraud. At first the lottery people tried to say the Microsoft representative working to award my prize was from Nigeria. No he was not from Nigeria. He was British living in London, England. The person running the scam who appointed him as my “handler” was also in England. I can not say for sure that none of the people running lottery scams are Nigerian citizens. I am saying tat the idea to do this is not about Nigeria nor did it originate there. No starving orphaned children in any part of Africa or any place else ever sees any of that money or goods or services or food from it. 

The lottery scam was a tool the NEW WORLD ORDER used to devalue the US Dollar and speed them on their way to global financial dominance. It is a good one. It weakened the US Dollar. Citizens were selling the low value dollar back on the world money markets at a deeply discounted rate. This undercut the value of the US Dollar worldwide and allowed our political enemies to buy us up so they own us. Money from these scams fills the bank accounts of the NEW WORLD ORDER and it demoralizes the US Citizens who get caught in their scams to say nothing about the criminal activity it funds in our borders.

More than just undercutting the US Dollar, these scams give the banking cartel access to all the personal financial information for each and every person that is or has ever been alive on planet earth. No one is exempt. No one. Not even those who have never been on a computer and do not have a Microsoft account or any other email address. Even they are caught up in the antichrist system. Microsoft created an address for each and every person who has ever lived on planet earth in the virtual reality we call World Wide Web. Everyone. No one is the exception. We all live in houses in identical virtual houses in virtual rural areas. They have absolute power over your personal financial data and your money. They control  your ability to make money. The NEW WORLD ORDER is the one world government in service to the second beast, the antichrist system spoken of by ancient prophets across many cultures.


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