Day 138 Stick to Creator G-D the ONE

The world order dominated by “Church” is dissolving before our eyes. Just as we think we have adjusted to the new social structure it will fall. When all of the subculture systems have failed the new “people’s system” (perhaps “peoples republic of china specifically in the advent of the coronavirus) will walk right in and take over. It will seem to keep us out of anarchy. The leaders of the new monetary system working for the second beast will perform miracles. Multitudes will flock to the beast and worship. The head and hand system of exchanging goods and services will seem to bring peace for a short time. We will all fall for it if we are not diligent.

You would think with all the publicity head and hand has gotten for the last 2,000 years it would not work. You would think no one would get the chip. It is not so. In fact, the chip event with the children may have been a clumsy precursor for the real event. Slowly like a frog sitting in a frying pan slowly sizzling to perfection for consumption we have our attention diverted from the real head and hand event much like a magician diverts our attention to perform his tricks. It could be the majority of us are taken captive through hypnosis and brainwashing just like our grandparents said. 

Those who choose to give homage to anything but Creator G-D the ONE take on the mark of the beast one way or another. Make sure that is not you.


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