Day 133 Antichrist broadcasts around the globe all at once

With the technology of the Word Wide Web through virtual reality it is an easy thing to set up a time and date when a message will be delivered globally at the same time so all can see it together. It is an easy thing to make it mandatory for all of us living on earth at the time to watch the image give its speeches. As those messages happen more and more frequently the interest in them will build. The Bible says that soon all the population will worship the image. That population will be so completely controlled by the beast they will turn in their daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, pastor, banker, gardener or anyone else who does not worship the image to the policing forces as criminals of the state to be incarcerated, tried and executed for being “unusual”. 

This level of control is an easy task with hypnosis and back masking. The only way to stay free of worshiping the beast and remain pure to The Lord G-D is not to watch. Choosing to watch the broadcasts could be a choice that costs you your soul. Hollywood did a good job of depicting this in a movie called “Bird Box”.  Please take heed to the messenger here. 

The martyrs of this time who die refusing to wordship the beast rest under the throne of The Lord G-D without end. Congratulations. When standing before the Lord G-D answering the question, “Who will go for us?”, you chose a mighty good job for yourself with great benefits!

When the new world order realizes there are too many of us that plain just do not comply they set up the system where you cannot buy or sell unless you have a chip n your head or your hand. Plastic cards will be obsolete. So will any form of currency we know today. Waiting for an actual chip or actual mark could be a diversion to keep us occupied while we are being indoctrinated to the gradual take over of our mind and body. Guard your eye gate and ear gate. These are only the beginning of the birth pangs!



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