Day 132 The one called antichrist

The one to be revealed as the antichrist receives a fatal wound and dies. The head wound heals miraculously. It looks to us living on earth like what died has come to life. 

The event will be shown all around the globe in new reels, in blogs on the internet and videos on You Tube. The headlines will read that which was dead is now alive. The second beast does great miracles including calling fire down from heaven. This is a parody of the Pentecost tongues of fire recorded in the book of Acts of the Apostles. The tongues were seen as fire coming out of heaven.

I have already mentioned they plan to “control the weather”. I expect the false prophet to create plagues and perform miracles of healing. I am sure the plagues of Egypt in the days of Moses are the blue print for the “miracles” performed by the dead head that comes back to life.

These miracles and others deceive many still living on earth so that they worship the beast. This is probably a parody of Jesus who dies and arose again. Worshipers on the second beast make and image of the head that died and came back to life. The beast gives power to that head so that the image can speak. Now this is where it gets interesting for us in our time. The dead head speaks blasphemies meaning it claims to know Creator G-D or be creator G-D so the many obey the voice of the one called antichrist. You will have to worship the dead head and take its mark or you cannot work or eat. 

We are in that time when the second “beast” in the book of Revelation is revealed. It is now. It is real. You are in it. You are a player. You are a player or you would not be here. 

You have a job to do.

Do it. 

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