Day 131 Overcomers defeat antichrist with a song

Is the defeat of the “holy ones” the end?

NO! Do not be deceived.

Do not let your hands go slack. In fact, dig in and get ready for the real offensive. The war is about to commence.

Do not let your hands go slack!

The first beast, “Church” simply sat down by Lucifer, now satan or the devil, to watch the next act is this two stage drama Creator G-D the ONE set up to weed the rebellion out of the LIFE being. This is a final stage of the purge. Experientially for us here on earth, the power of the first beast “Church” and the second beast “the new world order” overlap briefly until the red dragon, the devil, defeats “the faithful” or “holy ones” in the war. The so called faithful are defeated by the red dragon in war. The forces that look like or claim they belong to The Lord G-D and are followers of Jesus of Nazareth loose the war. They die enmasse. People will think God has lost it and turn to the red dragon for guidance and help. Do not be deceived. This is a trap. The trap was set by Creator G-D the ONE before he created time to encapsulate the rebellion. This trap is to capture any and all who are lovers of self more than lovers of The Lord G-D and any who are in rebellion. This is not a game. The Lord G-D does not play games.

The second beast we now know as “the new world order” is described in the book of Revelation to have two horns, have the appearance of a lamb, but speaks with the forked tongue of the dragon. The book of Revelation says the red dragon exercises the power and authority to rule the world through the second beast, the new world order, in the presence of the first beast, “Church”. Is this to gloat or torture them? I do not think so. I think this is a very strong military tactic on behalf of the devil. A show of strength demonstrating the levels of domination and control he exercises over the fallen. 


Let’s picture that for a second. The second beast that came up out of the sea of glass wages war on the “holy people” and defeats them. To those who have ears to hear, hear now. The ones who “take up arms” are the flock doomed to destruction. This was decided by Creator G-D the ONE before time began. OVERCOMERS DO NOT TAKE UP ARMS. THEY OVERCOME BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY. Faith and calm they are. The JOY of the Lord is their strength. Clothed in the full armor of The Lord G-D. They defeat Antichrist with a song.

Overcomers defeat Antichrist with a song.



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