Day 15

The great I AMs remedy for Lucifer’s rebellion in the first creation worked. Lucifer was stripped of his light, his pipes and his patinas. He lost his position as the cherub of light that covers the throne of G-D. He was cast out of Heaven. Lucifer fell. This is the genesis of “falling”, the onset of “gravity” as described by Galileo. This is an aspect of the first creation only. 

There is no “falling” in the New Heaven and the New Earth of the third creation. I do not think “gravity” or the spin of the earth on its axis is what makes forks fly off the dinner table, or children fall down and skin their knees in our world today. The falling we experience on a daily basis is a remnant the function of Lucifer cascading down through the void when Creator G-D expelled him from his presence. 

This creation and all that is in it is still falling. Earth is still falling now as you read this. The falling is quite an annoyance. We fall and break our bones. Milk spills. Our skin and muscles droop as we age and we even become shorter in stature because of the fall. Falling effects our every day lives on planet earth so much so we consider it “normal”. It is even hard for humankind to remember how LIFE is without falling. 

Lucifer was the form G-D gave to light. And yet he wanted more. He thought he was better than the original being who created him. He proclaimed himself creator god. Eventually believing his own press releases, Lucifer started believing he could manifest creation. Lucifer is the clay that thought itself better than the potter who made it. 

This is the origin of the question that philosophers ask, “Is a part ever greater than the whole”? In this case the answer is no. That which is created is not greater than that which created it. Creation and the power of speaking into being through voice is the privilege and domain of the original being, Creator G-D. The original voice of creation, the ONE Creator G-D remains all knowing all powerful in all places at all times. G-D is the all in all. Everything that is came into being through voice and manifested through The Word of G-D. 

Let me make this clear. Rebellion is the behavior and character of Lucifer. All rebellion. That means when your two year old throws a temper tantrum it came out of Lucifer’s rebellion. When the three  year old defies  you, it is coming out of Lucifer’s rebellion. When the teenager chooses to attend a kegger against the parents instructions it is from the rebellion of Lucifer. When a person chooses to run a red light or otherwise defy authority, it comes from the rebellion of Lucifer. Divorce is from the rebellion of Lucifer. 

Lucifer’s rebellion is the genesis of polytheism.  Polytheism is the foundation of polygamy. Dualism. Two. Creator G-D is ONE.  ONE even in the multitudes of divisions or pieces the foreknown carry G-D remains ONE. When Israel or any other nation of people or any other person worships the gods, the sons of Satan. or worse they choose to worship an idol made by mans hands manufactured our of wood or stone they are committing the sin of idolatry. The Lord G-d calls it whoring after that which is not G-D. Polytheism in the Spirit is the same as polygamy in the flesh. Idolatry became possible by the polytheism started when Lucifer declared himself equal to G-D as a god to be god.

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