Day 252 Taking the Lord’s name in vain

There are many misconceptions and wrong teachings in “Church” being preached from the pulpit.  One of the most hounded in “Thou shalt not take the Lords Name in Vain”. 

The meaning of this commandment is much deeper than cussing a blue streak or the occasional FY.  This is not a mouth confession. This is a state of being. 

The best example in our every day lives is when a woman marries a man often times she takes on his last name as her last name. If she did take the last name of her husband as her last name and then despised it and ridiculed it and never was genuinely entering into her new clan or tribe or family line, then it would be taking the family name of her husband in vain.  She never meant she wanted to become part of his family line. She never actually moved toward acceptance of the family name or family line.  She was a square peg in a round hole and never meant to fit in. 

The “in vain” part of this as written in the Bible is an old English way of using it.  It does not mean “vanity” like when a person things very highly of themselves.  The meaning of this commandment is do not take on the name of Jesus the Christ or of Creator God pretending to be true sons of The Lord God when all the while you are a son of satan, a demon in service to the rebellion, and you know it. Your whole being is to do harm with malice and forethought. Even infiltrating the camps of The Lord God to do harm. 

This is not about colorful language.  

This is not about a witches curses and spells to control their target.

This is not about “speaking it into being”…… as some “spirit filled” people are taught to do.

For me, cussing is my only vice. My only way to release tension. I do not drink alcohol. I do not sleep around.  I do not take illicit drugs or carouse or any of the vices.  When the tension builds my only vent is to cuss. Sometimes I stand in the middle of a room and just say a cuss word over and over and over until the tension dissipates like the air going out of a balloon.  

I have “church people” try to “correct” me for “cussing” all the time in odd places. They have taken it upon themselves and see themselves as spiritually superior to me some how my boss or my manager, maybe they see themselves as a “god” and I am their subject but it all means they work to push their superiority and self assumed authority over me …… even thinking that authority and superiority is given to them by Creator God, judging me to be a lower form of animal…. because my vice is cussing. 

They will forgive and even hang out with and bring into their inner circles…. fornicators, adulterers, murderers, killers, thieves, child abusers, drug dealers, embezzlers, and all other sorts of foul beings. But say one word they have forbidden in their societal culture and you are out.  Forever rotten goods. Do not touch.

Judge not that ye be not judged and the measure you measure out to others can and will be measured out to you ten, fifty, one hundred times over. Be careful.


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