Day 249 A description of the “carnal mind”

Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

I have read this passage of scripture in the Old Testament for decades and just put real meaning to it this morning.  This is a good description of the “carnal mind”.  I always thought and was taught from the pulpit that a “carnal mind” was on that thought about sex all the time. Things carnal meant untoward or lustful.  I do not think so now.  I think “carnal” has to do with the time/space continuum we live in today.  The New Testament authors talk about having or gaining “the mind of Christ”.  I always thought that meant we would someday maybe at death even get to be freed from our “carnal” mind, meaning the one that focuses on sex and lustful pleasures or pride.  I do not think that is what any of this means.  

It is hard to explain to one who is in it so I will use an example. I am not meaning to be offensive here. Just give example of what is being described when prophets and Jesus of Nazareth take on the task of letting us know who we are and how much better it is in the 3rd and last creation. 

To put it bluntly, to Creator G-D the ONE, we are like your family dog is to us. That dog we love thinks and, in their world, determines plans of action for themselves.  They interact with one another. We sometimes talk about them running on “instinct”.  That is how rudimentary our thinking processes are here under the sun in time/space.

It is not about having a higher or lower IQ.  It is not about having a “diagnosis”. It is not about having or being free from a disability. It is not about using half of our brain capacity.  In our adamah form this “creature” or “being” we are walking around in body we are only capable of the kind of mentality that looks to Creator God, the One, like our dogs look to us.  All animal life thinks on some level. In many cases we call it “instinct”. For us in 2022 we may call it “running on autopilot” for ourselves when we are just bouncing back and forth in a day “stomping out forest fires”.  These phrases may be dated in the 1970s – 1990s. I hope they have meaning for you.

I hesitate to put this paragraph in here because it may seem arrogant or self-aggrandizing, but in that time when I was clinically dead on an operating table and my spirit was carried into the new creation, I experienced this.  I experienced the “mind of Christ” that is higher above our existence here in time/space that is “as the heavens are higher than earth”.  It is even much more dynamic than that. I cannot describe it or explain it any more than a family dog who for a flicker in time was raised into human form and mind could go back to his litter mates and tell them what he had seen and experienced. It is what Jesus was carried up to in the transfiguration where he saw “Moses and Elijah” to prepare him for the crucifixion.  Jesus had access to this place “as the heavens are higher than earth” at any time. He just had to ask.  And I am not sure he even had to ask. It is possible he could just traverse the difference at will. 

I was instructed to write this today, so I am being obedient to The Lord God by instruction from The One Called Holy, because when I am down here in time/space, I am not different than any of you. I am like our family dog that we say sit, roll over, jump and follows our commands.  It just occurred to me that we actually get our food and water from Creator God much like we provide food and water to our family pets and the family pets die or emaciate if we do not supply them what they need to live.  This is the picture we have of The Lord God providing manna for Israel in the wilderness for 40 years, or even human parents providing for their infant child in the first few days, weeks, months, and years. 

This is the picture and understanding of the authors of the gospels describing the “new creature in Christ”, “behold all things old pass away and all things become new”.  Yes. This is real. This is true.  Do not dismay at our condition now. Only be full of joy that it is not our final estate. We are going home, and all of this suffering in this earthly realm will be as it never was.  Because it wasn’t. 


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