Day 247 Fear

Fear is a natural part of our being. As our children grow up, we show them things to fear by teaching them not to touch a hot stove.  As we grow up, it is the same principle. There are places we do not go and things we do not do because there is danger in there for us or we can be harmed.  This fear is a natural process, and this fear is a good tool for us.  The fear that is dangerous for us is the fear that God will not take care of us.  This is the fear that Israel felt when coming out of Egypt and they ended up in the wilderness. The fear that God had brought them out there in the wilderness to abandon them and let them die there caused them to rebel against Moses and Aaron and brought the wrath of God down on them so they wandered out there for 40 years.  The one thing The Lord God and Jesus of Nazareth the Christ of God ask us to do is the hardest thing for us to do.  We are asked to believe.  

When we face impossible situations, many times the best thing to do is “Be still and know that I am God.”  Our best work is to believe.

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