Day 246 “Who ARE these people?”

I found myself asking this question over and over this week.  And here is the answer that came to me.  One day a long time ago, I was at work teaching in a Kindergarten showing a little girl how putting a red block with a blue block gave her 2 blocks.  Introducing a rudimentary concept of mathematics to her.  A man came up behind her and leaned in to her and said, “Does that really equal 2?” Then he walked off.  I have been frustrated by that for decades without knowing why until now.  There is an ancient example of this very thing. Eve is near the two trees in the garden doing something we are not told and another inhabitant of the garden, the snake, slithers up to her and says, “Has God really said?”   

It is the same approach to the little girl playing with blocks and to Eve in the Garden enjoying the beauty of the fruits. 

The same intent from the same being, Satan.  This statement to a little girl playing blocks was to bring doubt and rock the very foundations of civility.  To put into her mind the seeds of dissent and discord…… and REBELLION.  

One + One = two because somewhere back in antiquity some people got together and noticed the same thing coming up over and over in many parts of their lives and decided to name it and define it.  These names and definitions agreed to by all form the foundation of all society world wide.  To break up these foundational “truths” is to create chaos….. or a void that no one can fill.  

Who are these people? These people perpetrating the chaos in my world this week…… are from the same spirit that asked “Has God really said?”  They are deceived and lost with no foundation no anchor to hold on to so hating the void inside of themselves….. and projecting their own stench onto others who have LIGHT and LIFE…… who overcome.

I have been in panic stations all week and it came together late Friday afternoon in a perfect storm.  I was shaking with fear because I had no understanding of what was happening around me so no idea what was the next step to take in my own behalf. I was frozen like a rabbit in headlights…. awaiting the executioner…… and for what? why? I am innocent of all charges…..

And that was my crime…… 

I had someone call me from work who said directly to me, “My purpose for calling you is to force you to say you are bad.”  

Same being as the snake slithering up to Eve in the garden or that tall thin man slinking up to the little girl playing with blocks…… Same author….. same god…… Satan. 

“Who are these people?” ………. individual and distinct manifestations of their god, Satan the deceiver and accuser of the saints of Creator God. 


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