Day 226 What is TIME

Time is a boundary Creator G-D the ONE set around the rebellion to prevent it from continuing on and on without ceasing. Time is a box that holds all that is rebellion, Lucifer now Satan and his followers and minions and attempts at creation and those deceived into his service and the antichrist system. Like the sands of the shore are the boundary for the seas so is TIME the boundary for the rebellion. 

All of the rest of Creator G-D, the ONE, is active and happening right now as we speak. They are not encompassed or inhibited or defined by TIME.  None of the events I have recently outlined in this blog are in TIME. TIME is not linear as we experience it either. 

When Jesus of Nazareth said we are seated at the Right Hand of The Lord G-D in Heaven in the third creation, he meant it. That is what is. That is real. What we endure on a daily basis is the fake unreal delusion. We are actors on a stage. We are positioned in that container that I described as looking like a shoe sized shadow box sitting on the small table in the corner of the throne room in the new creation performing the final act of the plat. The drama that Creator G-D placed into motion to sort out the rebellion and separate it from the rest of us. We already know the end of the play. The Lord G-D won.

The New Heaven and the New Earth are up and running fully functional. We are there watching ourselves go through our day to day events in TIME much like we watch a movie at a theatre. 

Yes we have to finish out the script. Not one dot or tittle will be changed. What is important for us to remember is that the chair you are sitting in as you read this is not real. The physical body you live in is not real. It is a form of things to come. It is a shell if you will. You have your glorified body and you are living in it in that place where TIME does not exist. You are living the new creation IF you are a True Son of the Lord G-D, the chosen elect. 

If not and you are a son of the rebellion, your days are numbered. This is the final curtain. Soon you will never ever have ever existed and none of us will ever even have the memory that  you or TIME existed. 

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