Day 231 God Provides for us before we know we are going to need it

Remember the discussion I had on the time coming when our Sun goes into Super Nova? The book of Daniel in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible was written for us 5,000 years ago so you and I who are on planet earth when the Super Nova happens could have their witness before us That Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did walk out of the fiery furnace turned up ten times hotter without a hair on their head or their eyebrows being singed.  They emerged without even the smell of smoke lingering on them. If we are here when the Sun Super Nova’s we will be preserved in the fires without even the smell of smoke upon us.  The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is our witness given to us at least 5,000 years before we need it and preserved through the millennia even when there was no written word. Their story is our witness, our provision from The Lord G-D.  This provision from Creator G-D, the ONE, is why the sons of rebellion hate us and want to kill us. 

To further illustrate this point, I had an encounter with one of our self-proclaimed “goddesses” walking the earth just this past week. It is an interesting event and good for instruction on more than one topic.

First, I never had to let her get to me. The Lord G-D had already outfitted me to be able to withstand and even conquer this being. But I was sick with a sinus infection and in a great deal of pain, so my own guard was down. I honestly believe she would not have had the gumption to attack me if I had been in good health, focused, and fully clothed with my armor. They really are cowards. They know who we are better than we do in many cases. 

This ethereal being in human form was accusing me of unspeakable acts of immorality, debauchery, while cursing me after the manner of witchcraft, and making signs at me with her hands meant to capture my soul and gain control over my spirit. When she finally put her words in the form of an actual threat on life, I let slip out of my mouth, “then you will go to hell”.  She jumped a little jump and clapped her hands with glee and squealed in a little girl voice much younger than she was presenting, “I doubt that will ever happen.”  She began her accusations of unspeakable acts of immorality, debauchery and ludeness only louder this time. I turned to face her directly and said, “Jesus decides who goes to Heaven and who goes to hell. Jesus is the one who calls his own to salvation”. Then she laughed at me while saying, “Uh Uh”.  I turned to face her full on. I said to her, “You are not The Lord G-D. You are not a goddess. Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of Heaven and Earth.” 

By then we were drawing a crowd. Others were coming around asking if they could help me. I squared off with her, bound her eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet in the name of The Lord Jesus, the Christ of G-d and cast her curses to the ground. The I told her it was the last time she would attack me.  I heard her say as I walked away. “ooooooooooooooh”.

I have never had to square off with any “goddess” as directly and publicly as with her. It may look like I did not win that battle. She did not change her demeanor and she did not bow to Jesus. I just do not know what happened to her in the days that followed.  That is not anything I have to or can be concerned with. Jesus takes care of all of that. She was stopped from capturing control over my soul by invoking the name of Jesus. I completed the business that brought me to this store and others came to my rescue. The point I am making here is that my provision to withstand this frontal attack in public was already there for me. I had it already in my arsenal. The provision was there before I knew I was going to need it. 


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