Day 232 Hell is not Hot now. Jesus won

In Day 321 I shared an encounter I had with a “goddess” demon in the checkout line of a popular department store chain.  As part of the back and forth between us, she accused me of unspeakable sexual acts, that are not true, and then started cursing me with physical signs and her words. At one point, the threats turned to natural physical threats on my life. I answered one of these natural physical threats on my life with, “then you will go to hell”.  She giggled with obvious glee and said, “That is not going to happen.”  Again, I have never squared off in spiritual battle with any “goddess” demon as directly and as publicly as with her. I declared to her and the crowd that was gathering that she was not God and Jesus is Lord, her Lord. She was stopped when I invoked the name of Jesus. I got my business done containing her and others in the crowd came to my rescue. 

It is important to know that she did not win this battle. 

The other thing I want to make sure you understand is that technically she was right about her not going to hell. 

When Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on the cross he cried out, “It is finished!” Many things happened at that exclamation. The obvious things are he died a physical death and his spirit left this earthly body. There were other things that happened too. They are recorded in the gospels in the canonized Christian Bible. The curtains in the second Hebrew Temple that separated the regular people from the Holy of Holies where the priests ministered to The Lord G-D were rent into two pieces and the Holy of Holies was laid bare for all to see. This is symbolic of the door that Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of G-D, opened for us so those of us who are True Sons, called unto HIS purpose now have access to Creator G-D, The ONE. We can walk right into the throne room of Creator G-D, the ONE in the New Heaven, sit down, and have tea with The Lord G-D, or sit in his lap and hug him and be embraced by him. If we so choose, we can scream in his face if we are mad or worship him and sign his praises if we are right in our Spirit. He is creator. He already knows what is in our hearts. He put it there when he made us. So, he knows when we are coming at him with guile or pretense. Truth shall set you free. Because of the work Jesus of Nazareth did on the cross and the work he accomplished during the three days between his death and resurrection, the access to The Lord G-D is open to all true sons at all times.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father, but my me.” He was making reference to the open door made possible by his personal blood sacrifice.

It was Friday. Sabbath began at sunset so Mary Magdalene and Mary the birth canal mother of Jesus of Nazareth prepared his burial garments quickly. Joseph of Arimathea put the crucified body of Jesus in a tomb he had prepared for himself, and they rolled a large stone over the mouth of the tomb. The Romans were afraid Jesus might try some trickery and claim he came back to life, or someone might steal his body and claim the same. Pharoah put a full complement of soldiers outside the capstone to the tomb to ensure there was no way the crucified body of Jesus of Nazareth would disappear from the tomb. 

But Jesus of Nazareth was not in the grave. Jesus was marching straight into the caverns of hell where Satan and his angels were held. Jesus took all of them captive. He released the souls they had deceived into serving the Satan and the rebellion. Jesus defeated sin and the first death. He sealed the door to hell. The fiery red brick stones cooled down. Now hell is not hot. 

Hell, Sheol, is a real place. I have been carried there.  The streets were made of red brick. I am sure, as it is written, at one time those red bricks were red hot like the inside of an oven. I am sure the torment there was exquisite as described by the brother of Lazarus, the rich man who sat at his table eating a feast.  

All of this is gone. Hell is not hot now. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, did win the war with sin, hell, death, the grave, Satan, and those in his rebellion. Jesus of Nazareth took upon himself the punishment for the rebellion of Lucifer and the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Creator G-D, the ONE, The Lord G-D received Jesus of Nazareth as the sacrificial lamb accepting the work Jesus did as full restitution and propitiation for sin. There is no more separation between Creator G-D and creation. The wound in the Original Being has been healed. When Jesus defeated hell, the souls Satan had captured there were released from their prisons. Hell is a ghost town.

Did you hear?





I bumped into this truth a long time ago. One of the trips Jesus has taken me on was to the old town that used to be Hell. It had street signs and shops. Everything was made of red brick.  But it was completely empty. NO ONE goes there anymore for punishment. And if they did take a tour of the ethos, Hell would not be hot.

So, the “goddess” in the store checkout lane had me on a point of order. She twisted my words. Of course, she will not be going to punishment in hell. She was claiming the victory of Jesus as her get out of jail free card. If there is no hell, then in the mind of the rebellion and Satan, her god, she did not face any consequences for worshipping Satan or taking part in the rebellion. The rebellion and this one facing off with me as one of their ranks, experience Jesus on the cross crucified as the end of the “Kingdon of G-D” and the beginning of Satan’s rule. Some of their evidence for that belief is hell is not hot anymore.  Hell is no longer the final destination for those who live and die in rebellion to Creator G-D, the ONE, claiming they are “gods” with the power and authority to create. They are deceived. 

I should have said to her “then you are going to the lake of fire”. That would have made a visible impact on her. It is important that we keep truth in front of us at all times because the deceivers and the deceived will trip us up every chance we leave open to them!




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