Day 80 The Image

I have recently heard a member of a worship team in a well known mega church in my area say “there is a war”. This is the war that begins when the dragon calls the second beast up out of the sea of glass. I believe they are soldiers in this war, as is much of “church” today. The Lord G-D, who loves each of his own, will allow the red dragon to defeat them because the warriors of “church” are of a carnal mind, follow after their own heart, their belly, and false gods. The  Lord G-D has chosen to reprobate them without remedy. Please hear me. This is not a game. Creator G-d is very serious about the weeding process. 

Those caught in the traps set by Satan have no chance of entering the new creation. The Lord G-D has made a way of escape for us.  Protect your eye gate. Do not watch any movies or see anything that will corrupt your soul by way of your eye gate. There is a new Netflix original movie that addresses this very issue called “The Bird Box”. This is a graphic enactment of the dangers we face today. Of course it is a Hollywood rendition so the “invaders” we are supposed to protect ourselves from are extraterrestrials come to invade the earth. Put that Sci-Fi aspect of the movie aside and listen to the message sent. We face a more devastating danger every day of our lives because it comes in a form not readily recognizable for what it is. If a monster walks up to us we know to run. This monster, much like in the movie, is a stealth killer. By the time a person knows they are in danger it is too late. They are either dead or have entered into the fold and have become one of them. The Stepford Wives comes to mind. Do not just laugh off these warnings. Guard your heart and your minds and your immortal souls. Our ear gates work in much the same way. Take heed to yourselves.

The virtual world that is being set in place because of Covid19 is the beginning placement of the antichrist system. Alex Haley wrote about it in his book “Brave New World” in the 1980s. If I have the right book, each one still alive in this futuristic world never leaves their “room”. There is a virtual companion singular to them they interact with on a screen much like our computer screens. The person experiences all through the virtual companion. The “screen” holds all. The “screen” is true no matter what it says or is being portrayed. No one questions the virtual companion in the screen. 

 Authors note: I just experienced “the screen” at a bank. A deposit did not come in so I went to the bank to see what happened to it. I was told I had left the state I was physically standing in. I immediately presented myself to the bankers saying “I am here in the flesh.” They actually said they could not “verify” me. I said, “I am standing right in front of you! Give me my money!” My trusted teller I had worked with for a long time looked me straight in the eye and said, “I cannot. It is on the screen.”   


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