Day 79 Do not be deceived

Revelation verse 23B-24 says, “For your businessmen, (speaking of “Church” here, meaning priests/preachers) were the most powerful on earth, all nations were deceived by your magic spell. In her was found the blood of prophets and of G-Ds people, indeed of all who have been slaughtered on earth!”

Here the apostle John  in prison on the Aisle of Patmos testifies that all nations have drunk of the wine of G-Ds fury because of the whoring of “Church”. Yes, the kings of the earth went whoring with her and from her (“Church”) unrestrained love of luxury the world’s businessmen have become rich.  This may be where some get the idea that “capitalism” is the great harlot and “capitalists” are the merchants in the book of Revelation.  

That is not true.

There is no place on earth where capitalism sits on seven hills. Capitalism is not tolerated in every country and no one worships at altars of capitalism. Accusing capitalism to be the great harlot is a plot of antichrist to deceive the masses and blind as many as he can from knowing the identity of the true great harlot of the book of Revelation. The language “whoring” is used in direct reference to idol worship.  Creator G-D is calling out the “faithful” for “switching loyalties” or idol worship. 

I say again, all nations have drunk of the wine of G-Ds fury caused by her whoring. These world class business men who have become rich from her whoring call themselves “Christian”. They align themselves with modern “Church”. They are the first beast. It is they who turn their wealth and authority over to the second beast.  The second beast that comes up out of the sea of glass is the “new world order”. The new world order, the second beast, now rules and wields the power. The second beast is the antichrist system.

The second beast, the new world order, appear to be dressed in lamb’s wool but are dragons. In other words, they appear to be  good “Christians”, church going people, pillars of their synagogues, nice. In everything they do they bear the image of a child of G-D. They are not. Inside they are ravenous wolves. It is “nice” who are the insatiable hunger spoken of by the early Hebrew prophets. Their sword is never satiated.  They purveyors of  “Nice” are the soldiers of the second beast the red dragon calls out of the sea of glass.

Many travel under the banner “nice”. Nice is not what it seems. Nice is two faced. Nice is full of guile. Nice speaks with a forked tongue. Nice speaks double speak. Nice is a control spirit. Nice destroys everything in its path. 


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