Day 192 I had to protect my daughters from the occult

This was a very hard time for our family.

I had to protect my daughters from the occult. That is for sure. What seemed a little odd to us is that my second daughter was not the one that was in most need of care. My first daughter needed much more care and was hanging on to life.  She was also born premature. She has three kidneys. There is a full renal duplication on the right side. All three of her kidneys reflux. Renal reflux means the urine from her bladder could and did flow bac up from the bladder into her kidneys through the ureters when she put pressure on her bladder to expel the urine. It reverse flow of urine causes serious kidney infections. She died 7 times her first year of life. She went through 10 hours of surgery to repair the three ureters when she was 18 months old. I was pregnant with her little sister. Little sister was born 6 months after this 10 hour surgery. By the time my first daughter was 8 years old she had undergone over 50 surgeries. She is a walking miracle in her own right. Between the two of them we needed help. The first daughter with the kidney issues did not have the pastors and deacons praying for her when she was born like her little sister did.

So as hard as it was and did not make sense we had to regroup after my second daughter came home from the neonatal ward and concentrate on Daughter #1 her big sister.

One of my ex husbands coworkers kept telling him about a church in Kansas City that did “faith healing” and could get him a “prayer language”. I was raised Southern Baptist. I would not have any of that devil talk in my home. As far as I was concerned, speaking in tongues was of the devil and anyone who did it was a demon. My husband put this guy off for weeks and months citing my absolute refusal as his excuse. But….. my first daughter was not thriving. We needed help. Our pastor prayed for her but we needed a lot more “fire power” with this one than we were getting.

My ex husband kept talking to me about this church he wanted me to visit. I was not interested because we had services at our church every time they had services at their church. One Sunday night we did not have a service at our home church because there was a Billy Graham Crusade in the convention hall downtown Kansas City. Our pastor always closed our services when Billy Graham was in town so our congregation could to the stadium. My husband insisted we use this opportunity to visit this new kind of church he had been hearing about to get my daughter healed. I continued to protest. I was in church leadership and was expected to be at the stadium standing down in front to receive the new believers and pray with them. My husband and I had a very good relationship in that we did not cross each other. We came to agreement. But I was stubborn on this one subject. That Sunday evening my ex husband came to me and said, “Wife, I am taking you to Ernie’s Church with me. Pack up the children. It’s time to go.” 

He “wifed” me. 

For the first and last time in our marriage, he “wifed” me. 

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