Day 191 The early years of our lives after neonatal ward

We took the offer to be interviewed the the Independence Mo newspaper for the neonatal ward as a compliment but it caused some very difficult reactions in the community. Our family was then targeted by the local occult. My daughter’s life was threatened. The local peace officers had to whisk us away to “safe houses” many times over the first 3 or 4 years of her life. We moved 7 times in those 3 years to keep ahead of them.

The lead neonatologist was also targeted. The occult tried to kidnap his daughter. He had pentagrams burned in his front yard and swastikas painted on his front door. It seems the occult in that area in specific was using the babies born prematurely that died in religious ceremonies to increase the numbers of Satan’s armies for the final battle between Jesus, The Christ of The Lord G-D and those in the rebellion in service to Lucifer and their combined forces. The premature babies bodies were used in sacrificial ceremonies where their bodies were burned. 

This was a very difficult time.

I was in boot camp. My training was just beginning. 

It was a very literal time. Angels of The Lord G-D literally attended us. I saw this and that demon “unmask” in front of me and growl some disgusting threat. The occult tried to kidnap my first daughter, my tiny premie daughter’s older sister, from her school much as they did the lead neonatologist’s daughter. I home schooled her for a while to keep her safe in my watchful eye. As a defensive tactic we moved over and over to keep ahead of them. It did not take them long to find us. They are everywhere. I studied the Bible and read extensively about all things of The Lord G-D during this time.

I had to protect my second daughter from the occult. That was for sure. What I did not understand immediately is how much danger my first daughter was in. It seems she was a legacy of some kind. I had to get up to speed and very fast. 


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