Day 34 On the Road Home: There is none good. No Not One.

As I was growing up in Jesus, I attended a lot of seminars and became part of a lot of the movements in the church in the midwest, where I am from. One of them was a teaching out of Texas that pushed evangelism.  One of the scriptures they used to let people know they are not alone was the words of Jesus as he was nearing the end of his ministry on earth. Jesus says, “There is none good. No not One. No one seeks after GOD. Everyone seeks after the own.”

I have not understood what Jesus was saying when he said, “There is none good.” until I put it in the purview of the course I just took on Freedom.  The whole premise of this is a surface study of the two trees in the garden of Eden.  See. Good and Evil were contained in the tree of knowledge-of good and evil. 

Creator God gathered up all the “knowledge” and experiences of Lucifer and the rebellion and the war that was because of it and contained it in the tree of Knowledge. God called it good and evil. 

It is true. It is said. You cannot have one without the other. So when “evil” entered creation through the rebellion and rages and arrogance in Lucifer, then “good” also entered creation. Up until that event where Lucifer took his internal thoughts and desires into actions against Creator God neither good or evil existed. It was only L I F E.  

Evil happened and grew in the heart of Lucifer. Evil budded when Lucifer took action on it. Evil cannot exist without good.  The idea of good vs evil was born in the heart of Satan. 

The actual war in heaven between the forces of Creator God and the forces of evil serving Lucifer was not in time, so not measured in hours or days or years, but even so was very quick. It was basically over before it started. As soon as Creator God held his inquiries into his created ones what they wanted to do, it was over. Each one was given a job, a mission, a position from what they answered to “who will go for us” the so called war was over. 

Creator God gathered up every whif of the rebellion and set a boundary around the “knowledge” the rebellion ever existed and its byproduct good/evil.  He separated good/evil from life and manifested them in two trees in the midst of the garden of eden where creator continued creating as is his/her way of being. 

There is a LOT of arrogance about the two trees in the garden among the churched ones. I am referring to the scowling and spitting and growling and gnashing that goes on when I tell them about the two trees. They are enraged and arrogant about “knowledge” in apparent support of human education and science and learning.  Sadly, they are deceived again. The “knowledge” creator God gathered up and contained in the tree of good and evil is knowledge of the rebellion. The idea that a created being could be creator and do a better job at creating than the Original being herself.  

Even so, as a sad recognition that the knowledge of the rebellion had broken forth when Eve ate of the fruit of the tree and passed it over to her mate, Adam, and he ate of the tree. So it is written, humankind will go to and fro and knowledge will increase.  Instead of the perfection of LIFE in the garden, humankind will leave the garden and learn more and more of the rebellion.  

Today is set before  you two paths, two decisions. LIFE and knowledge of good and evil. Choose LIFE.

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