Day 37 On the road home: An evil spirit from THE LORD

It is critically important to the health and security of our souls in Jesus the Christ to divide rightly the word of truth. In these last days of information age information pours in to us whether we want it or not. Any information with even a dot or title of lie is 100% lie and all lies are from Lucifers rebellion. One of the biggest alarms I hear going off in the throne room of Creator is a warning against “blaspheming the Holy Spirit”.  Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is not foul language or even saying the big GD word or even a witch, white or black, that is setting up curses against a true sons soul. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is an act of continually over time attributing the work and plots and schemes of Satan to the Holy Spirit. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a blame game. Blaming the Holy Spirit for the ravages of Satan and his minions over time and continual without remorse or repentance even after being warned again and again is then judged as BLASPHEMING THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

The teacher you choose to sit under and follow is important. Following a false prophet in our day can lead to your destruction as a blasphemer of the Holy Spirit. Or an idolator worshipping the Baals and Ashera.  YOU WHO ARE TRUE SONS HAVE NO NEED FOR ANYONE TO TEACH  YOU. THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS YOUR TEACHER. Spend time with Creator and all things are revealed unto you.

It is written about King Saul when The Lord God began raising up David as King over Israel that “an evil spirit from The Lord” came upon Saul and he purposed in his heart to kill David. This is a difficult saying so lets look at it together. At this point Saul had gone to the witch at Endor to get information about what was taking Samuel so long to come.  It was this choice to go to a witch to get a reading instead of inquiring of The Lord God or just being secure that Samuel would come and would come in time that put Saul at odds with Creator. When Saul learned David would be king his heart hardened toward Creator. Creator sent a spirit that we would label as evil into Sauls cold hard heart that would lead him to his own destruction.  The intent of the spirit Saul opened himself up to when he went to the witch was evil.  The evil in Sauls heart pitted Saul against Creator GOD.

I see this being played out in “church” today.  A person who is not a true son tries to “dabble” in the realm of LIFE . When they get an apparent no answer or something happens they do not like, which is everything because they do not belong to Creator GOD and have not been saved by grace through the blood of the lamb so everything they think and do and breathe is contrary to Creator GOD, they start attributing the working of Creator GOD to Satan. Or they get angry with Creator God for not giving them what they want and they take up a tribal drum against Creator God. This is BLASPHEMING THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

Please be careful. The demons can and do “answer prayers”.  Satan is happy to give you “the greatest object in the world” if you just worship and serve him. That includes “healing” and “miracles” and all things people like to think come from Creator God. Lucifer’s stated purpose in the rebellion was to be better at being God that Creator God. Dropping in an occasional “answered prayer” or healing or miracle is the easiest way to deceive us.  Saul was frustrated with Samuel so Satan put his witch right next door.  This was an evil spirit “from The Lord”. 


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