Day 182 Build your Ark NOW

I am convinced we are in Israel’s last week. The last week is 70 years. So sometime in the next 70 years we will see the advent of the antichrist. The two witnesses will prophesy and be stoned in the streets. There will be a rapture and then the end in 3.5  years. We are not in the week within the week. The week within the week  is known as the Great Tribulation or the Tribulation of the Saints. That is the last 7 years. So we have at least 7 years left. 

That does not mean you should not build your ark When I say build your ark, I am telling you things are not going to continue as they are today. Do not be complacent or say events are for a time far off. You must prepare for the time when no man can work. You must prepare for the signs in the sun moon and stars. You must prepare for the unexpected things that happen as the saints are tribulated. 



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