Day 272 Effective deliverance without backlash

Yes, it is true. Jesus did say the demons would be subject to us. But ask yourselves why you would want to waste your time doing that? Just do not engage them. Do not get caught up in their game. What is it about commanding a demon and having them submit to you gives you a thrill? This is not the attitude Jesus has.  In my vast experience with deliverance, all but one person I have worked with got into glorifying the demon by the hoopla and emotionalism involved.  They end up in a conversation with the beast. We give them glory even by just recognizing they exist and have in any way affected us.  

Yes, many of us, especially one who has just been called by Jesus of Nazareth and given the power to become a true son and just did except his invitation to LIFE, will have “barnacles” hanging off them. Leaches, shall we say, that have been taking their life from their host. As soon as the transformation is made from the death of the old man to the new creature of LIFE in Christ, that new LIVE SENTIENT BEING has a bad taste for the demons and spirits that had been attached. They drop you like a hot potato and even faster than that! You flat taste bad. 

Deliverance minister, if you are working to free up a person who has not been transformed into the new creature in the LIFE of Jesus, you are wasting your time and theirs and will most assuredly cause damage to the subject of your efforts and in the backlash bring the wrath of Satan into your own home. You opened the door. You gave them permission to carry out their schemes in your own spirit and eternal soul.  

The most effective weapon in the war we call deliverance is PRAISE. The Lord G-d inhabits our praise. The walls of Jericho fell because of the musicians!! It was not the warriors with the weapons of mass destruction. It was the musicians!! It is important the lyrics of the sons and the group of musicians are true sons in worshiping in Spirit and Truth PRAISING THE ONE CREATOR G-D. Test every word every lyric and make sure it is a true confession you make before the Lord G-d. 

For instance, one of my most favorite musical recordings I use for warfare to back the familiar spirits out of my home and off of me has a line in one of the songs “we do not seek your hand. We only seek your face”.  Boy NOT ME! I definitely want to be in the middle of it when the Lord G-D is passing out supply! I want each and every one of the promises and many times over. I would be able to enter in to another song if they used the word “abide” instead or “rule over” for instance.  The sin of Israel was when they rejected the prophets and the judges and demanded The Lord G-D give them a “king”.  Creator G-D the ONE had the original thought to create us in order for them to “abide” with us.  Much of the so called “Christian music” I hear now has nothing to do with God, does not praise Jesus, glorifies the band that is singing it.  I do not even listen to it.  It dulls your spirit so you cannot enter in to the holy of holies and abide with the Creator God the ONE like frost on a window or fog blocks your view.  

When you find a song or songs that are true WORSHIP OR PRAISE and the spirit of the song and the group can be trusted, then get it in a loop somehow so it can play over and over. KEEP THE PRAISE HAPPENING CONTINUALLY WITHOUT CEASING. The sound of the PRAISE reaches the throne room. The demons will flee screeching and screaming “why do you want to torment us before the time?”  In truth the goal is not to torment them. All of that belongs to Jesus. The entire goal is to get them out of my head and off my soul so my spirit is free to ABIDE IN the Lord G-d.  

Yes they must obey us. Yes they will flee when we command them to do that. But just the act of making the command gives them recognition and takes our focus off Creator G-D the ONE! Set praise around you without ceasing and the rebellion of Lucifer will decide it is not going to do any good for them to hang around us and they will go find someone else to pick on.  Hopefully one of their own who belongs to Satan and is in service to Lucifer and the Rebellion. You cannot do anything for them anyway.  Do not try. 

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