Day 269 Do my prophets no harm

Do my prophets no harm. 

There is a lot of scuttlebutt in the social and religious systems today about “BIG”.  Who is BIG and who is small. The whole “penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and oooooh half dollar person thing used to categorize a person’s worth. It is a cast system more ridiculous and sure than “the royals” system or the cast system in India. Yet we fall for it and run with it and call it “culture”.  Like “nice”. Nice is an abomination before Creator G-D full of guile and deceit but it is accepted by “the system” so people growl and grit their teeth in the open and go home and curse you to the ground! Claiming “judge” rights over your soul….. 

When Jesus of Nazareth was here you would not have recognized him.  He had no place to lay his head, no sandals for his feet.  He was not rich or sitting in the place of rulers.  He was not a beautiful person so his looks would distinguish him.  He had no redeeming value according to the scales and measures set up by this planet in time. 


This choice has always amused me. All Jesus did was walk the land healing people and refusing to wallow with you in your decadence. But that was soooooo offensive you had to come together in a mob to demand he be eradicated…. thinking if you just get him out of the way you can go back to your old ways partying sexing drugging killing the occassional person and stealing what is not yours from those who are better than you are…here and there and no one will be the wiser. The troubler in Israel will be gone….

So you hung him on a tree.

YOU hung him on a tree…. you who dance in the streets and proclaim loudly doing all sorts of acts in “the name of Jesus”… YOU hung him on that tree.

The Lord G-D sent you his SON and you killed him. Now what? It has always been the goal of Creator to restore abiding with us. Now what? 

Well…… The Lord G-D sends his messengers, the prophets. (YES THE PROPHETS NOT YOUR PRIEST OR YOUR PREACHER OR YOUR GURU OR YOUR SHAMAN) to come to you in hopes you will listen to the prophets since you hated and despised the SON.  

Over and over he sends in his prophets and you judge them and kill them………. 

Now what?

At last, when all of his prophets have been sent and the numbers are exhausted, the cups of wrath for Creator G-D will be over flowing and the end will come. This creation will pass away in a breath, quicker than the twinkling of an eye. So what will become of you? 

There is actually a false prophet out there spreading the word you are not to worry about these events because “everything will be alright”.  It appears to me to be saying let Creator G-D give it his best shot Satan will always have a place for us and wherever and whatever that is “it will be alright”.  

The Lord G-D sends his prophets to us with the admonition “do my prophets no harm”.  What will you do? Who will you turn out to be? 

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