Day 268 Do not sit with evil when it goes about the land to judge

Yes. It is written in the Bible that the RIGHTOUS will “judge the earth”. 

This does not mean what you think it does. 

The time when the “righteous judge the earth” is in the millennial reign of the Christ. 

The millennial reign is not what you have been told.  It is not the summation of all time where “we finally win” meaning the messiah beat satan at war and sets up the earthly kingdom with you as rulers and judges and precepts with positions of authority being the BIG you have always wanted and killed others to obtain.

The millennial reign is the last shaking, sifting, sorting mandated by Creator G-D the ONE to seek and find even the last tiniest vestiges of rebellion.  This is the last testing.  Those who find themselves there have not yet qualified for the next creation.  Jesus himself is back among you to test your motives and sort out your true makeup.  He will rule with an iron hand.  I have heard it said among you. IT IS YOU HE IS RULING WITH AN IRON HAND. You are put to the test.  This is YOUR last chance to make it. 

Everything you “judge” another will be “judged” against you and many times over here in time and more so there in the millennial reign. JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED. FOR THE MEASURE YOU WIELD AGAINST ANOTHER WILL BE WEILDED AGAINST YOU. This too is written. 

Running with the crowd, being part of a multitude will not expiate you.  There is NO safety in numbers. Pointing fingers at this and that one who did it to will not in any way effect or affect you, what you did, or your consequences.  Each and every one will live or die by their own actions coming from their being. He made me do it won’t work.  We all have choices as demonstrated by the brothers Maccabees.  Because of the position they bought for us, REASON OVERCOMES THE EMOTIONS.  We rule and “judge” ourselves. It is written in the New Testament the one who rules himself is greater than he who rules a city.  Cities back then would be equivalent to our countries now. They were walled cities and fought wars against each other.  

Before you today stand two choices: LIFE AND DEATH. Choose LIFE.  Reject the death in you and repent. 

Once you repent, turn from death, You must be born again into a new creature before LIFE is available to you.  

Turn from your wicked ways and wicked friends and LIVE. 


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