Day 254: 1st of 3 posts today: False teaching about the second death

I have not been saying anything here because I thought I did not have anything to say. So I told The Lord G-D I would be happy to write for him if he told me what to say. In rapid succession three things were shown to me. I said I had not known if those things were for me to give to you or if they were given to me for me to get me through my own distresses right now.  I am personally sieged on every side.  I went to get my taxes prepared and the social system there kept my drivers license.  It seems the intake person did not put me in the schedule so they thought I was just showing up with no appointment. And by the way, that is a cardinal sin right now.  Moving about the country without an appointed time and place can and probably will label you as a person of interest to be watched.

But in my own studies and crying out to The Lord G-D for help I bumped into a long ago personal nemesis of mine while conducting a google search. I decided to follow the link and see what he was saying.  It was interesting to say the least. He was telling his faithful deceived not to worry about the 2nd death because “It will be alright.”  

I had to read it again. And that is what is going on in the camps of Lucifer and the second beast right now.  For the faithful that are hearing about this “second death” for the first time or maybe just really becoming aware of it even if they have heard the term and are becoming unsettled and deciding to find out what it is, the messages is, “Don’t worry about that. It will be alright”.  

One of their faithful deceived or brainwashed or controlled through hypnotism spoke up and said, “But what if” or “how about” or “did you know they are saying”. Then the question came.  “How can you say it will be alright?” 

First lets note this one who had become aware enough to question will undergo extreme correction as demonstrated by the movie “Cool Hand Luke” and what they system did to him, eventually killing him when they could not indoctrinate him or cause him to submit.  There is no room for “question” in the ranks of Lucifer. I was in college when the “church” came out with the false teaching it was wrong to ask why.  

The answer to this question “How can you say it will be alright?” was very revealing. 

The answer was simply “Because it will be.” 

Period. End of story. No more “question”.  

Then I had to go back through my own writing here and see what exactly I knew about the second death and make sure I had not been putting out false teaching myself.

I started with the definition of “death”.  Death is separation from LIFE. Or Death is the absence of LIFE. And LIFE is the essence or being of Creator G-D, the ONE, the original being.  To be found in the original being is to be ALIVE.  To be outside the membrane of the Original being, the ONE is to be “separate” or “experiencing death”. 

Death, or separation or distance from the original being, came when Lucifer rebelled and the Original Being ripped him and his faithful deceived out of her own being and cast them into the outer darkness, the void.  This is the first separation from LIFE ever experienced.  This “prophet” for Lucifer was telling his faithful deceived “not to worry about the second death.  We have been separated from LIFE before and it was alright. This one will be alright too. No worries. Relax and go on about your normal days.” 

The position is genius. It would not work for Lucifer to deny the second death is coming. So, he decided just to convey through the “prophets” controlling the zombies he captured not to pay any attention to it. So what if the second death is coming. It will be alright.

This is a very dangerous message for the true sons to hear. Because as we face and endure what the gates of hell are going to throw at us it will become more and more enticing to just give it up and turn from the God we LOVE and serve satan because “It will be alright anyway.” 

  Put a guard in your heart and mind today against this lie. 


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