Day 258: Satan is the father of ALL lies

I cannot stress enough the critical nature of lies.  Lies are the soul killer.

Lucifer deciding he was better at being Creator that Creator G-D, the ONE, is the first lie and it is a self delusion. Please take note.

Embedded in this first lie from Lucifer is also the first judgment of another. Lucifer had to decide Creator G-D, The ONE, was somehow deficient in the job. To decide you are better is to decide the other one you are better than is somehow not measuring up. That too is a lie. 

I was recently accused with the words “YOU are a lie”.  Wow.  

I have been in the public eye some in high visibility positions for my work.  I have had many lies perpetrated against me, mostly about my moral character and involving mostly small cultural infractions really, like smoking, and drinking alcohol, and taking drugs, and sleeping around.  It is so common for those things now, people think you are weird if you are not doing it.  But this is the first time I have been called a lie. ME. MY BEING. THE LIFE I LIVE. THE FACT I BREATHE AIR. ME. I AM A LIE according to this one who accused me in an email so it is in writing for all to see never to be erased as long as time exists. 

I thought it was horrible and unbearable when they attacked my personal character accusing me of immoral acts.  The pain was excruciating. It is nothing compared to being accused of being a lie.  You understand he did not accuse me of telling a lie or lies. He accused me of BEING a lie. 

I am writing this to say that Satan’s attacks on the true sons of The Lord G-D are being sharpened and honed to do more damage in our souls with each and every strike. Like the military we see in the news creating bigger and better and more devastating bombs.  

And that is about all I have to say about that. I really have no remedy or big revelation how to get through it.  The same things hold true. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever.  The Lord G-D is in his/her HOLY TEMPLE.  Everything you see and experience here in time/space is an illusion. Think on these things. 


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