Day 156 These events are not happening in “time”

Please remember these events are not happening in “time”.  “Time” is the barrier Creator G-D, the ONE, set against the rebellion to limit it in scope and length so it does not continue without end. “Time” was created to END rebellion. 

The song of Moses was written and was being sung in Israel and in the throne room of The Lord G-D around the sea of glass 6,000 years ago and it is being sung in Israel and in the throne room of The Lord G-D around the sea of glass today and every second as time ticks by. The song is being sung in that realm where “time” does not exist. This very same Song of Moses was being sung on the shores of the sea of glass as Satan and his servants were cast into the sea of glass. Moses song is being sung at the time of judgment and the advent of the second death.

It is The Song of Moses that was sung by the witnesses that defeated the serpent Satan and declared the victory of the Lamb. It was written and being sung here on earth thousands of years before the Advent of The Christ Child.  It was written and was sung before time began. TIME IS A BOX ABOUT THE SIZE OF AN ADULT SHOE BOX MY AUNT MADE INTO A SHADOW BOX TOY FOR ME AND I PLAYED WITH AS A CHILD.  We are the last act of this play. The end WAS written BEFORE the beginning. Do not despair.

Does this keep us from one second of pain and sorrow? NO. Did anything keep Jesus from stepping up to that cross? NO. 

The inner knowing and being known it is finished was given to us the The Lord G-D to keep us going. Understanding the truth of it is joy unspeakable and full of glory. This is the peace that passes all understanding. This is the hope that fills us each morning so we can complete the tasks set before us that day.


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