Day 162 I would not have you ignorant my friends.

Do not confuse the “Constantine Church”, organized religion,  with the True Sons of the Lord G-D, Creator G-D, The ONE and the Followers of Jesus of Jesus of Nazareth, the true vine. The two are completely different things. The whore Church is the foundation, the holding tank, the distribution center, for the power of the devil on earth and the deception of man to worship him. I am not making a blanket statement that all preachers and and TV preachers are tools of whore Church, the first beast. I am speaking of the controlling spirit behind organized religion and the true purpose for Constantine to create “the Church” in the first place.

Multitudes are deceived into believing they are worshipping Creator G-D, the ONE when they become church members and participate in programs offered by “the Church”. The whore Church falls because of the truth of what she is. The great harlot spoken of in the Book of Revelation stands in the heavenlies declaring she is the “queen of heaven”. The Lord G-d mocks her. The “great harlot” teaches the worship of more than one god because she is in service to Ha Satan, the devil. Sex is her tool to capture and control the sons of men. Within her reside all fornication, adultery, sexual perversion and sexual deviance. Sexual immorality is her product as well as spiritual immortality through idol worship. Not only are there preachers in her service but pimps, drug dealers, and devotees to metaphysics, to name a few. Her sales force is the largest most successful ever in earth’s history throughout time. 

The Knights Templar were supposed to reveal the truth of who Mary Magdalene really is at the turn of the 2nd millennium. That would be the year 2.000 AD. When that did not happen, the truth was broken open by Hollywood through a fictional work called “The Davinci Code”. It is a masterful work filled with intrigue and extremely good acting. It is indeed fictional in that those characters played by those actors do not exist in reality and the events in the film never took place. The genius of the film is that it broke the secret The Knights Templar had been protecting in secret since the time of Constantine’s reforms. The secret is out. The truth is known. 

The secret of The Knights Templar and the Masonic Lodge by the illuminati is that Mary Magdalen, a seller of purple and teacher in the Second temple in Jesus day is the WIFE of Jesus of Nazareth.  Mary Magdalene is the mother of the new adam. Mary Magdalene, wife to Jesus of Nazareth, is the “holy grail” of legend and lore that The Knights Templar were commissioned by the Vatican to find. The Templars found Mary in her tomb and the evidence of her child, Jesus blood line. The Church had to stop this truth. It reveals the truth about how Constantine and religious leadership of the day LIED. Mary Magdalene is the incarnation of Lilith, the woman in the book of Revelation who gives birth to the man child. Once delivered of the child The Lord G-D protects her and hides her in a “waterless place” through time.  He has shown me “waterless places” refer to the void outside the body of the Original Being, Creator G-D the ONE. 

The parchments recording the Jewish marriage contract, a Ketubah, for Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala, seller of purple and teacher of men in the temple, have been found in the ancient temple records dating back to the temple in Jerusalem in Jesus day. 

It is a proven fact. We have the evidence.

No one is making this up. 

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