Day 158 Daniel Fiery Furnace lesson for our time

Wow. The Sun explodes and all that heat comes slamming toward earth. The rocks cry out “No hiding place!” What in the world are we to do? Well, the answer comes to us again from a story in the Pentateuch. It is a story of Daniel in the fiery furnace. Daniel and his three companions were placed in the furnace at the order of the king. The furnace was turned up seven times hotter than any other time before. When the king looked into the furnace he saw Daniel and the three companions with another person. The other person was the Angel of The Lord G-D sent to protect them. Daniel and the three with him walked out of the furnace without even the smell of smoke on them. As I understand it, this story was given to us as an encouragement and to let us know that The Lord G-D will have provision for His True Son’s on earth when this happens. We will walk through the flames and not be burned. We will not even have the smell of smoke on us. I am sure that those who are sons of the rebellion and do not have the provision of the The Lord G-d will be angry at our comfort and jealous enough to kill us.

Then John records in the Book of Revelation when the sun is no longer burning bright in the sky, darkness falls on the kingdom of the beast. That would be earth.

Ok. Makes sense to me. No sun in the sky equals darkness on earth. I am sure that darkness is more than just no light in the sky or a cloudy day. This is absolute physical darkness. A darkness that will permeate the souls of the sons of rebellion. Not only that, earth will become a very cold place. 

This absence of light that is coming when the sun is no longer in the sky is not just the spiritual darkness my friend the star is doing her best to radiate through. Have you ever been in absolute darkness? There are some caves in Missouri that turn out the lights and show you absolute dark. You cannot see your hand in front of your face. After a few minutes in absolute dark you become disoriented. If you stay in absolute dark too long you will become dizzy and fall down.

I am looking forward to the plagues of darkness. The Sons of The Lord G-D will shine like the Sun in the firmament. The LIGHT within us will lead many through the darkness to LIGHT and LIFE. The Glory of The Lord G-D will shine upon us. 

Do not fear.

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