Day 36 Humankind/extraterrestrials/two creations

I watched a broadcast show where people actually get paid to search out these ancient one, the Humankind. They call humankind “extraterrestrials”. Extraterrestrials means not from planet earth. That is true. Humankind is not from planet earth. Humankind does not travel in space ships. They came to our ancestors and gave them fire and taught them how to make weapons to kill animals and eventually space ships. It is very possible they wanted to help adamah person eat after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil so the ground no longer gave up its produce automatically. The Lord G-D killed an animal and made clothing for them. They would eventually need to make more clothes. G-D told them they could kill and eat. Humankind could have helped them figure that out. Humankind is most definitely not from here. 

So, the armies of creator G-D defeated Lucifer and his angels and the earth stood without form and void. G-D hovered over the face of the deep surveying the wreckage. He brought forth the second creation out of the ashes/adamah of the first creation. This is recorded in part in Genesis 2. 

Genesis 2:4 simply states “in that day” The Lord G-D made the earth and the Heaven. The Lord G-D had already made the earth and the Heaven in Genesis 1:1. Note the reversal in order. The first creation in Genesis 1:1 G-D created the heaven and then the earth. In Genesis 2:4ff The Lord God created the earth and then the Heaven.

Since the rebellion brought to question who was really G-D, now Creator G-D the ONE is known as and had taken the title of The Lord G-D. G-D was distinctive before and the only designation for Creator. Now it is clear the distinction must be made between the one true Creator G-D and the impersonator, Lucifer now HaSatan, the snake. Also notice day 2 and day 5 of the first creation are accomplished in one single day in the second creation. 

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