Day 37 Evidence there are two creations

So the armies of Creator G-D defeated Lucifer and his angels and the earth stood without form and void. G-D hovered over the face of the deep surveying the wreckage. He brought forth the second creation out of the ashes/the adamah of the first creation. This is recorded in part in Genesis chapter 2.

Genesis 2:4 simply states “in that day” The Lord G-D made the earth and the heaven. The Lord G-D had already made the earth and the heaven in Genesis 1:1 Note the reversal in order. The first creation in Genesis 1:1 G-D created the Heaven and the earth. In Genesis 2:4 ff G-D created the earth and the the Heaven. 

Since the rebellion brought into question who was really Creator G-D, now Creator G-D the ONE is known as and has taken the distinctive title of The Lord G-D. The title G-D was distinctive before the rebellion and the only designation for Creator. Also, note day 2 and 5 of the first creation are accomplished in one day in the second creation. 

Other evidence for two creations:

       1. Plants came up out of dust/adamah.

       2. The plants cannot appear until the rain appears.

       3. G-D has not yet created rain. It was not needed in the first creation. 

       4. A stream came up from the ground and watered the dust/adamah.

       5. G-D formed man from the dust/clay. Not by thought through voice manifest by the Word of G-D

       6. G-D breathed the breath of life into the clay form.

       7. G-D placed Life and Knowledge in the midst of the garden in the form of a fruit bearing tree. 

The contrast between the first two creations is dynamic. The truth there are two creations in Genesis is very easy to see. So why is it not widely taught in Sunday Schools and from the pulpits around the world? It is not profitable to the first beast, the great harlot, the whore Church. G-D says of our time, “they have eyes to see, but do not see. They have ears to hear but do not hear.” Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the people.

It is true our Creator G-D is a G-D of precision who makes thing real out of the chaos of the consequences from the rebellion. So there are in fact some rules that creation must follow from manifestation to the end of the second creation, the one we currently experience on a daily basis. 


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