Day 43 Naked and not ashamed

Naked and not ashamed.

The Lord G-D caused ale person/Adam to fall into a deep sleep. While in the deep sleep The Lord G-D too a rib from his side to make a help meet for Adam. God formed the ish or female person/Eve from a rib he took from Adams side. Adam received Eve with JOY exclaiming bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.

As in the first creation, The Lord G-D commanded the second creation be fruitful and multiply. The union between male person and female person in the second creation formed from the dust of the first creation is inferior to the union of humankind.

Man person must penetrate the body of woman person and the two become one flesh to create the union. Flesh to Flesh. Flesh is inferior to spirit. This flesh union can bring physical pleasure. Communion with G-D as it is meant to be is the union ot two spirits is the act of two spirits who are one half of the original LIGHT being. In the act of becoming one flesh the woman person who is the helpmeet and wife to the man person entering her body can raise the man person out of the ashes briefly. For a fleeting second he can see and experience the LIGHT of the first creation Creator G-D, The ONE. THIS IS WHAT THE NEW MELLINUM HOOK UP SOCIETY HAS LOST, DESTROYED. The beauty of the union is lost to base lust and duty to the male part of the curse.

The Lord G-D formed many Adam persons out of clay and breathed the breath of LIFE into them. Then he paired them by taking woman person out of the rib of each man person. They were two by two in the garden. Persons lived well in the garden in the presence of The Lord G-D their creator. The Lord G-D saw that man person coupled with woman person from his rid was good and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply.

Adam and Eve communed with G-D in perfect union every morning. G-D anticipated this morning routine with the first Adam pair with great joy. This can truly be called paradise. Everything was perfect in Eden. Adam was busy naming creation. Creation was busy reproducing in like kind. 



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