Day 44 Trouble in Paradise

However, the serpent was also in the garden, Lucifer now Satan, the serpent, was a nobody in the garden. He was the lowest animal there. The serpent or Ha Satan, the satan accuser of the brethren still wanted to be G-D and was not too happy. 

Lucifer continued his deceptions even in the second creation as Satan the serpent. The Bible says the serpent was or crafty than the animals in the garden of Eden. He soon set about to deceive the first Adam pair into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the garden.

The inhabitants of the Garden of Eden had never even heard of the rebellion. It was safe and sound tucked away in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of god and evil. But the serpent knew anyone who eats fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil learns everything G-D stored there. They who eat would immediately learn about the serpent who had been Lucifer his patenance as the cherub that covers the throne of the Original being, the creator, and the rebellion.

What Lucifer knew and did not tell persons and especially Adam and Eve is that they would also learn about his judgment and subsequent thrust from LIFE and the death that ensued. 

Since death entered when G-D cut of Lucifer, LIFE was not automatic in the second creation. When the Lord G-D set the second creation in place G-D formed person/adam from the adamah dust. The The Lord G-D breathed a breath of LIFE into the Adam formed from the dust. This breath of LIFE is the same ONE LIFE in creator G-D that makes up the ethereal eternal beings, the humankind G-D created through voice manifest by The Word of G-D in the sixth day of the first creation.



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