Day 45 The Garden

Adamah/adam is man in contrast to animal man that roamed earth in the first creation. Our ancestor Adam is person, not animal. the animal man of the first creation walked on 4 feet. They were mortal beings created on the sixth day during the first creation. Adam and Eve are man person and woman person of the second creation. G-D breathed the breath of LIFE into the clay forms giving adam person a soul. Animal man of the first creation had no soul.

I believe it is possible the dinosaurs were there in the first creation. If so, the dinosaur extinction event was the war and subsequent destruction of the first creation. Dinosaurs would have been destroyed along with everything else in this case. For some reason they were not part of the adamah/dust in the second creation. 

The Adamah person of the second creation has always stood erect on two feet. Adam person has always had voice with spoken language. He walks and talks with Creator G-D, The Lord G-D in the garden. There was no distance, no chasm, no space between G-D and Adam  person and Eve person of second creation.


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