Day 39 Differences between the first and second creation

I have been outlining a few of the differences between the first and second creation as I give you the verse in Genesis 2 to distinguish them so there is no doubt there are two distinct and separate creations.

Here are 9 differences between the first two creations that make them distinct and separate for you to consider.

1. First creation took 6 days and G-D rested on the 7th. Second creation beginning in Genesis 2:4 says “In the DAY that the Lord G-D madethe heavens and the earth”. One Day. The heavens is one day and the earth is one day, two days, in the first creation.

2. The second creation included an “earth”, the adamah/dust. The first creation did not have dust to deal with.

3. No plant from the first creation remained. The second creation plants and trees sprung up through the adamah, the dust, the waste product from the first creation.

4. All herbs sprung up through the adamah, the dust, the waste product from the first creation.

5. There was no one to till the ground, dust, in the first creation because there wasn’t any dust in the first creation to till. NO ONE had to till anything in the first creation. The garden produced from itself in like kind.

6. The waters in the second creation would form a “stream” and rise up out of the dust to hydrate the waterless places, the dust.

7. All of this was going on before G-D molded a figure out of the dust and called it man. Adamah was not created by Thought through Voice and manifest through The Word of G-D. Adamah/Adam was sculpted out of the waste material left from the war between good and evil when the first creation was destroyed. G-D formed Adam out of that dust. 

8. Then G-D breathed a breath of Life into the form of man, the adamah. Creation on the sixth day of the first creation was an aspect, a portion, of the Living Being, The ONE. The Original Being, the ONE, created humankind on the sixth day from Thought by Voice and manifest through the Word of G-D. Creation on the sixth day is immortal. No death in them. Creator LIFE cannot die. Adamah/man who had a “breath of LIFE” expelled into it out of the nostrils of Creator G-D is mortal, dead, an aspect of the first death from Lucifer’s rebellion. Adamah is dust. Adamah returns to dust. All Adamah/the sons of Adam, die. It is appointed for all adamah, Adam, to die once. This is the first death through the rebellion of Lucifer. G-D made a way out of the death of Lucifer back into LIFE through the blood of his Lamb. THE SECOND DEATH IS BY CHOICE AND THERE HAS NO REMEDY. 


9. In the first creation, G-D is just Creator G-D. In the second creation. G-D is now referred to as The Lord G-D. The Lord G-D is a designation that distinguishes the ONE, “Him” from the impostor Lucifer who claims to be god, and all the other “gods”, the immortals, and anyone or anything else who would claim to be god. The I AM that I AM is the ONE real and only G-D, The Lord G-D. There is no other. 




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