Day 40 Evidence of the second creation continues

Evidence of the second creation continues from Genesis 2:4 in Genesis 2:7 

V7 Then The Lord G-D formed man (Adam) from the dust (adamah) of the ground (adamah) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being.

The war between Lucifer and the ONE Creator G-D left an odd waste product. The travail Creator G-D endured when he tore Lucifer away from the Original essence manifested as a fine powder. The fine power or Adamah is a soot like substance much like volcanic ash. We call it dust. The fine powder was dark in appearance and it covered all that was like soot from a wood burning fire place.

Another way to think about the fine power called adamah would be to think of it like the nuclear fallout similar to what occurred after the nuclear bomb explosions during the second world war. It covered everything like a blanket permeating everything it covered snuffing out all LIFE. 

Another possible example of the dust, since we do not know exactly how “fine powder” manifested, could be volcanic ash from an eruption. In each case the result is death to all things living. 

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