Day 89 Mock Society closing statements

Many people died in Hurricane Katrina. Many more were stuck in the filth and squalor as the flood waters receded and the mosquitos came and the rat infestations grew and the stench from the mold and bacterial infections filled the air. The U.S Government told the ones who were stuck there they had to stay. Leadership feared that if those people came out of the area they would spread disease to the whole country and perhaps start a pandemic. The residents stuck in New Orleans were written off as expendable.

Since the same social structures developed from the same social studies are global it is quite possible the same type of things happened when the Tsunamis hit the countries in the Indian Ocean shortly after Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. The earth quakes in China have the same social studies from which to build their social structures surrounding disaster in place for search and rescue because the powers behind the social studies are global. They are the same ones controlling the lives of the masses of peoples all around the world.

To the ruling elite we are discards to move about like pawns as they wish in the games played in the global theatre. The ruling elite are busy setting up a one world government under the power and authority vested in the United Nations. They are setting up the New World Order after the model of mock societies like the one I governed my freshman year in college.

The college sociology class angered me but I was a teenager.  It was my first semester in my first year of College. What was I going to do about it? I could report it to the authorities but who were the authorities? What authority was overseeing them? Who held the authority to do anything about it? What exactly were they supposed to do something about? No one in 1972 could have foreseen the cataclysmic disasters we have witnessed in the last two decades.

I had a good head of steam on me but to what end for what purpose? I did not know the full intent of the studies that fall semester of 1972. I had no idea what the results or data recorded would be used for. No one did. No one outside the university had any idea those class experiments in societal structures existed. Parents of the student participants may have known their son of daughter was enrolled in the Social Studies lab that weekend. But it was just that. It was a lab for a Social Studies class at the University level their child took for University credit toward their chosen degree. Just like Identity Theft was  not even a term that had been coined yet. No one knew about or talked about Identity Theft because the word did not exist in American vernacular. Since it did not have a name, it did not exist.

Even in the beginning, Creator G-D made sure everything had a name to verify its place in creation. 

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